Let’s Picnic!


With my law education coming to an abrupt end (in my view at least, I guess it was four years in the making), I had begun worrying about all the new free time in my hands. I honestly had serious concerns that I would become one of those boring people who just sit around and watch hours of television. (Although we did cancel cable a few months ago.) But, if anything, I’ve been busier since school ended.

This also may have been a natural result of my large family, many of whom, I’m convinced, were just waiting for me to have more time to take on some projects for them. So, here’s a quick photo to document the beginning of my projects. #1. Picnic shower for my sister bethany and her soon-to-be wife, liz. They wanted a causal get together and liz’s sister thought a grill out at a local park would be the perfect solution. I jumped that the opportunity to do a little design and volunteered to make the invitations.  (I’ll also be handling most of the food – I’m already spending any spare time planning the menu and set-up).


The invitations were printed on a natural brown card set that I picked up at michael’s .  I used that amazing washi tape in purple patterns to decorate the front of the card and mimicked the look on the envelopes. Because beth and liz’s wedding colors are going to be purple and gold, I ran with the purple and added in red gingham to advance the picnic theme.

More pictures to come… and then I’ll move on to project #2, #3, and #4…



Feather (or maybe leaf) sweatshirts

I made time for just one project right before christmas – and by making time for it,  it meant that I was sewing until 12 am on christmas eve! sweatshirts with fabric feathers… but they sort of look like leaves too. oh well. vintage fabric. different shapes. freehand sewing. super cute in person.

This one has a preppy theme with reds, greens, blues and whites. I made another with browns, one with aquas, and one with black and grays.

homemade oreos – halloween style

so, i’ve been baking most sundays for about the last month. this started to make some baked goods to celebrate birthdays at work and now, it’s something i look forward to. all week, i browse food blogs during class and then dream of what will be created in my kitchen on sunday. with fall here and halloween soon approaching, i decided on homemade ‘oreos’ with halloween colored filling – orange, purple, and green. the filling is vanilla flavored, except the green, which is mint. they turned our really yummy and look alright too. maybe not perfectly round.. but that’s okay for a first time. i’m just regretting only making a single batch. that’s the last time i take baking advice from a man. thanks ringo! (he was just worried that too many cookies = too many cookies in his belly… i guess i can’t blame him too much …)

The 7″ is complete

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After a few weeks, we have finally completed our first print of 1,000 jackets for the 7″ split by Mad Anthony and the Yellow Belts.  This was a fun adventure that allowed us to get to know the press, tweak our design and layout skills, and, of course, practice printing.  I’ve included a close up of the front cover art – type and an original linoleum cut by Karen “momma” Weber.  It is an image of a bear playing; roughly based on a picture of a bear in a stream catching fish.  The cover was inspired by classic punk rock designs and the back cover is a very simple layout.  We wanted to let the type speak for itself and we didn’t want the back to distract from the design on the front cover.

We decided to have fun with the ink and paper by printing on a variety of colors – white, black, brown, light pink, red, festive red (pink under tone), orange, yellow, kelly green, light blue, and blue-blue.   Most of the printing was with black ink, but on some colors, especially the yellow, we added red and purple to make a maroon color.   It is a great contrast to the yellow.

If you are interested in learning more about the music – check out Mad Anthony and the Yellow Belts online or try to make one of the release shows – Friday, August 26 at The Green Lantern in Lexington, KY or Saturday, August 27 at The Historic Southgate House in Newport, KY.

New projects – Letterpress

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Letterpressing! This is the latest project that we have been exploring using a motorized letterpress from the late 1800s and lots of type. Here are pictures of the jackets for a 7″ split vinyl by Mad Anthony and the Yellow Belts. We laid all the type ourselves and are using an original linoleum cut (the bear), by karen weber, as cover art.

Upcoming Craft Show: OTR Holiday Stroll & Shop

Webercrafthouse will be set up at MOTR Pub on Saturday, December 4th from 10 am – 6 pm for the Holiday Stroll & Shop on Main Street. We’ll be there along with 4 other vendors, the great beer and food available at MOTR.

Learn more about the Holiday Stroll & Shop at http://www.facebook.com/MerchantsofMainStreet.

We hope to see everyone!


Baking Blues

i love to bake, until it goes wrong. and usually when it goes wrong, everything goes wrong. i had one of those days last weekend. for a friend’s birthday, i wanted to make german chocolate cupcakes. yum right? wrong. well, they actually were very yummy, but a pain in the butt to make.

i decided to make them from scratch. bad decision #1. german chocolate cake is very moist and not quite stiff enough to support little cupcakes. next time i’ll have to add some more flour and cut back a little on the butter to make them stiffer. live and learn.  so as the cupcakes baked, they weren’t stiffening up and they weren’t looking too pretty either.  they kept coming out soft, and i would put them in for a little longer, and still too soft.  i finally had to take them out in fear that they would burn. (this was one of my few good decisions!)

bad decision #2 – try to stuff the german chocolate topping (coconut, pecans, and more chocolate) into the cupcakes.  because some of the cupcakes were just too soft, this killed a couple altogether. (something that ringo looks forward to because he always gets to eat all the ‘duds’ that don’t pass my approval process.)

bad decision #3 – cover up the hole where the topping was stuffed into the cupcake. this started out as a very good idea, but turned for the worst when i realized that there was a hole in my reusable icing bag.  my lovely ganache would not stop squirting out. awww. i had held in my anger until this happened. i’m redheaded. i have a small temper problem when things don’t go as i planned. (ringo doesn’t look forward to this.)

bad decision #4 – set up all the cupcakes on the tiers and take pictures. once again, this started out as a good idea (so i could share pictures with you of course,) but turned for the worse when we got in the car. do i really need to explain? let’s just say there was a lot of cupcakes sliding everywhere and me yelling “stop the car!” but, the cupcakes all survived and made it to the party… where [most people] enjoyed them and the birthday boy really enjoyed them. that’s all that should matter… right?

check them out.