homemade oreos – halloween style

so, i’ve been baking most sundays for about the last month. this started to make some baked goods to celebrate birthdays at work and now, it’s something i look forward to. all week, i browse food blogs during class and then dream of what will be created in my kitchen on sunday. with fall here and halloween soon approaching, i decided on homemade ‘oreos’ with halloween colored filling – orange, purple, and green. the filling is vanilla flavored, except the green, which is mint. they turned our really yummy and look alright too. maybe not perfectly round.. but that’s okay for a first time. i’m just regretting only making a single batch. that’s the last time i take baking advice from a man. thanks ringo! (he was just worried that too many cookies = too many cookies in his belly… i guess i can’t blame him too much …)