Baking Blues

i love to bake, until it goes wrong. and usually when it goes wrong, everything goes wrong. i had one of those days last weekend. for a friend’s birthday, i wanted to make german chocolate cupcakes. yum right? wrong. well, they actually were very yummy, but a pain in the butt to make.

i decided to make them from scratch. bad decision #1. german chocolate cake is very moist and not quite stiff enough to support little cupcakes. next time i’ll have to add some more flour and cut back a little on the butter to make them stiffer. live and learn.  so as the cupcakes baked, they weren’t stiffening up and they weren’t looking too pretty either.  they kept coming out soft, and i would put them in for a little longer, and still too soft.  i finally had to take them out in fear that they would burn. (this was one of my few good decisions!)

bad decision #2 – try to stuff the german chocolate topping (coconut, pecans, and more chocolate) into the cupcakes.  because some of the cupcakes were just too soft, this killed a couple altogether. (something that ringo looks forward to because he always gets to eat all the ‘duds’ that don’t pass my approval process.)

bad decision #3 – cover up the hole where the topping was stuffed into the cupcake. this started out as a very good idea, but turned for the worst when i realized that there was a hole in my reusable icing bag.  my lovely ganache would not stop squirting out. awww. i had held in my anger until this happened. i’m redheaded. i have a small temper problem when things don’t go as i planned. (ringo doesn’t look forward to this.)

bad decision #4 – set up all the cupcakes on the tiers and take pictures. once again, this started out as a good idea (so i could share pictures with you of course,) but turned for the worse when we got in the car. do i really need to explain? let’s just say there was a lot of cupcakes sliding everywhere and me yelling “stop the car!” but, the cupcakes all survived and made it to the party… where [most people] enjoyed them and the birthday boy really enjoyed them. that’s all that should matter… right?

check them out.