fall is here!

i love fall weather. it’s one of my favorite seasons. i love how it is still sunny most days, but the air is cool.  the terrible summer humidity is gone.  oh, and it gets cold enough to justify a small fire in the backyard when friends come over.  i love pulling out all my sweatshirts and sweaters that have been hiding in the back of the closet.  i miss them.

and i love adding new cardigans and sweaters to my collection this time of the year too. let me define collection : my new Ohio line of shirts and sweaters [and yes, my personal collection for wearing and having so many that they spill out my closets… as i’ve mentioned before: hoarding is only one of the very few flaws in weber’s.]

Here are pictures of the ohio sweater in navy and black.  as you can see, the navy has a full ohio print, while the black only have an outline. as you know: i’ll custom one just to your liking!  the material is a cotton/synthetic blend with some stretch.  they won’t shrink and the outside feels like the inside of a sweatshirt. super comfy. i made one for myself.


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