“christmas is coming”

whenever i mention to my boyfriend, known to most as ringo, that i want something, he responds: christmas is coming.  of course, this response never changes.  it is the same on jan. 1st or the day before christmas.

well, christmas is really coming and it will be here before anyone is ready for it. i’m one of those people who has already started my shopping. it makes me nervous to wait until the last minute, so i pick up things here and there and a pile grows until i take the time to wrap all the gifts ::: this usually isn’t until the day before christmas.  i know, i have flaws.

anyway, momma weber, now known to many of us as ‘yaya,’ has had christmas on her mind. no, she hasn’t even thought about shopping… she recently designed a new nativity set for the year.  her nativity sets are a yearly event as she has discovered and explored new materials to work create them from. her new method is block printing.  each figure is carved on a linoleum block and then run through her manual printer.  these are simple paper nativity sets that stand on their own. and their small – just 4 inches x 3 inches. black ink with added color using colorful brads. the sets vary in color combination.

well have these for sale in november at a show in columbus and, hopefully, in december at a show in northside. details to be announced.

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