send some love or hate

the u.s. post office is asking for another approval to raise the cost of a stamp. it won’t be long until we are paying 50 cents just to send a letter. oh wait. people don’t send mail any more. i’m not blaming you…i’m guilty too. [side note: i do have to confess that i get so excited every time i see that red envelope waiting for me with a new dvd]

i think it’s rather intimidating to send a letter. what should i say? how long does it need to be? is a couple of sentences enough? should i send a small gift? it’s just so much easier to give someone a call. or better yet, a text. or, if you’re part of the blackberry family, a bbm. or shoot them an email. or skype. or tweet. or facebook chat. awwww…technology.

webercrafthouse wants you to start sending mail again :: real mail.  but we’ve made the whole process much simplier with our “love/hate card collection.” these aren’t awkward birthday cards or “thinking of you” cards that require thinking (or googling) to find the perfect message to write or the debate about to whether or not include money; these cards come with simple, right to the point messages. messages mostly of love, just hello…a few of hate. you really don’t have to write anything inside if you don’t want to. but take a moment to sign your name, at the very least.

check them out. buy some. send some.

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