colorful inspirations

i tend to print in neutrals.  maybe this is because people can be picky about the colors they wear, which is completely understandable.  i know i only wear a limited spectrum of colors. this was very noticeable when i decided to reorganize my closet by color.  the largest sections were white, black, white and black, and blues and blueish greens. no surprise there.

but, i do enjoy bright colors and i want to work towards brighter prints.  here are new inspirations.


Printing for little ones

i love to print on onesies for babies.  the surface area is so tiny compared to printing on a large adult tshirt and even small, little prints look great! 

i printed two different sets of onesies – both for little girls (one is on her way and one was just born last week.)  on special request, i tried to stay away from using all ‘girly’ colors and that made me print new designs.  my usual prints for little girl onesies include hearts, trees, butterflies and some small, delicate flowers.  but, i decided to go with some larger flower prints and a special “k” onesie for baby kendly.  the peony and zinnia are the same stencils that i made for a series of flower prints that include a vase with the ‘definition’ of the flower. 

a little extra detail to each print gives them the delicate touch and make them a little more special. oh, and nice ‘crafthouse’ packaging adds some refinement.

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live & learn: second sundays

crafthouse survived our first second sunday in august.  second sundays are only held during summer months on main street, between 12th street and liberty, in over-the-rhine.  it was not exactly as big as we had remembered it being in past years, but we still had a steady crowd the whole time.  we had some great sales and enjoyed getting to know other vendors as well as marketing our items. but, there are definitely some improvements we need to make before the september second sunday. (our “to do list” will be posted soon.)

in the meantime, take a look at some of our pictures and merchandise.  the sign was handmade the night before!

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Updates to Etsy are in progress.

We all get lazy.

But the summer has allowed crafthouse to rest and regain our motivation. (Or maybe we’re stir crazy from staying inside to avoid the cincinnati heat and humidity.)

The reason doesn’t really matter, but the result does!  Check out our etsy shop for new t- shirt prints.  A new print will be posted every day for the next week.

Here’s a sneak peek.



Dear Mysterious Visitor,

Welcome to our blog!

You might be wondering “what is crafthouse?” Well here’s our definition:

crafthouse:def;(n)(1)works of “ambitious creation;” (2)an addictive drive in the arts.

crafthouse is also a collaboration of women from the same family who consider crafting our “crack.” We view crafting as an addiction, a way to seek new inspiration, and, once in a while, as a cheap alternative to therapy.

After years of creating different pieces and working with new mediums, we finally thought it was time to share our work with the world. We will be chronically our projects, new ideas, and share a little bit about our daily lives.

Hopefully, you will find as much inspiration (and addiction) from our work as we do. Feel free to leave comments, share your own ideas, give us suggestions, or ask for some advice… or request a custom piece.  (You can also contact us through email:

And check out our etsy for the few items we are willing to let go of (  We’ll also be sure to let you know when we’ll be attending local craft shows.

We hope you continue to visit us (and share us with your friends and family.)

With love,
the crafthouse ladies