Printing for little ones

i love to print on onesies for babies.  the surface area is so tiny compared to printing on a large adult tshirt and even small, little prints look great! 

i printed two different sets of onesies – both for little girls (one is on her way and one was just born last week.)  on special request, i tried to stay away from using all ‘girly’ colors and that made me print new designs.  my usual prints for little girl onesies include hearts, trees, butterflies and some small, delicate flowers.  but, i decided to go with some larger flower prints and a special “k” onesie for baby kendly.  the peony and zinnia are the same stencils that i made for a series of flower prints that include a vase with the ‘definition’ of the flower. 

a little extra detail to each print gives them the delicate touch and make them a little more special. oh, and nice ‘crafthouse’ packaging adds some refinement.

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