Let’s Picnic!


With my law education coming to an abrupt end (in my view at least, I guess it was four years in the making), I had begun worrying about all the new free time in my hands. I honestly had serious concerns that I would become one of those boring people who just sit around and watch hours of television. (Although we did cancel cable a few months ago.) But, if anything, I’ve been busier since school ended.

This also may have been a natural result of my large family, many of whom, I’m convinced, were just waiting for me to have more time to take on some projects for them. So, here’s a quick photo to document the beginning of my projects. #1. Picnic shower for my sister bethany and her soon-to-be wife, liz. They wanted a causal get together and liz’s sister thought a grill out at a local park would be the perfect solution. I jumped that the opportunity to do a little design and volunteered to make the invitations.  (I’ll also be handling most of the food – I’m already spending any spare time planning the menu and set-up).


The invitations were printed on a natural brown card set that I picked up at michael’s .  I used that amazing washi tape in purple patterns to decorate the front of the card and mimicked the look on the envelopes. Because beth and liz’s wedding colors are going to be purple and gold, I ran with the purple and added in red gingham to advance the picnic theme.

More pictures to come… and then I’ll move on to project #2, #3, and #4…



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