fall is here!

i love fall weather. it’s one of my favorite seasons. i love how it is still sunny most days, but the air is cool.  the terrible summer humidity is gone.  oh, and it gets cold enough to justify a small fire in the backyard when friends come over.  i love pulling out all my sweatshirts and sweaters that have been hiding in the back of the closet.  i miss them.

and i love adding new cardigans and sweaters to my collection this time of the year too. let me define collection : my new Ohio line of shirts and sweaters [and yes, my personal collection for wearing and having so many that they spill out my closets… as i’ve mentioned before: hoarding is only one of the very few flaws in weber’s.]

Here are pictures of the ohio sweater in navy and black.  as you can see, the navy has a full ohio print, while the black only have an outline. as you know: i’ll custom one just to your liking!  the material is a cotton/synthetic blend with some stretch.  they won’t shrink and the outside feels like the inside of a sweatshirt. super comfy. i made one for myself.


send some love or hate

the u.s. post office is asking for another approval to raise the cost of a stamp. it won’t be long until we are paying 50 cents just to send a letter. oh wait. people don’t send mail any more. i’m not blaming you…i’m guilty too. [side note: i do have to confess that i get so excited every time i see that red envelope waiting for me with a new dvd]

i think it’s rather intimidating to send a letter. what should i say? how long does it need to be? is a couple of sentences enough? should i send a small gift? it’s just so much easier to give someone a call. or better yet, a text. or, if you’re part of the blackberry family, a bbm. or shoot them an email. or skype. or tweet. or facebook chat. awwww…technology.

webercrafthouse wants you to start sending mail again :: real mail.  but we’ve made the whole process much simplier with our “love/hate card collection.” these aren’t awkward birthday cards or “thinking of you” cards that require thinking (or googling) to find the perfect message to write or the debate about to whether or not include money; these cards come with simple, right to the point messages. messages mostly of love, just hello…a few of hate. you really don’t have to write anything inside if you don’t want to. but take a moment to sign your name, at the very least.

check them out. buy some. send some.

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fine art.

bethany has a knack for fine art. and i’m jealous. i see the world in geometric shapes and blocks of color, but bethany feels color, dreams in layers, and envisions texture ::: or at least that’s my take on it.

Here are some of her latest projects. usually a project will start and stay setup in a corner of her apartment for months on end. it’s a game to see if you can figure out what new addition has taken place each time you see it. and she’ll continue to work on it and tweak it until she declares that it is finished.

these projects are more about what bethany was feeling during the extended time during their creation than the final outcome.  it’s about the process, time, energy, attention, and love that each piece receives. they tell a story.

the bird creation found a new home when bethany gifted it to one of her best friends, who recently got married. the bubble still lives with bethany.

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“christmas is coming”

whenever i mention to my boyfriend, known to most as ringo, that i want something, he responds: christmas is coming.  of course, this response never changes.  it is the same on jan. 1st or the day before christmas.

well, christmas is really coming and it will be here before anyone is ready for it. i’m one of those people who has already started my shopping. it makes me nervous to wait until the last minute, so i pick up things here and there and a pile grows until i take the time to wrap all the gifts ::: this usually isn’t until the day before christmas.  i know, i have flaws.

anyway, momma weber, now known to many of us as ‘yaya,’ has had christmas on her mind. no, she hasn’t even thought about shopping… she recently designed a new nativity set for the year.  her nativity sets are a yearly event as she has discovered and explored new materials to work create them from. her new method is block printing.  each figure is carved on a linoleum block and then run through her manual printer.  these are simple paper nativity sets that stand on their own. and their small – just 4 inches x 3 inches. black ink with added color using colorful brads. the sets vary in color combination.

well have these for sale in november at a show in columbus and, hopefully, in december at a show in northside. details to be announced.

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colorful inspirations

i tend to print in neutrals.  maybe this is because people can be picky about the colors they wear, which is completely understandable.  i know i only wear a limited spectrum of colors. this was very noticeable when i decided to reorganize my closet by color.  the largest sections were white, black, white and black, and blues and blueish greens. no surprise there.

but, i do enjoy bright colors and i want to work towards brighter prints.  here are new inspirations.

Printing for little ones

i love to print on onesies for babies.  the surface area is so tiny compared to printing on a large adult tshirt and even small, little prints look great! 

i printed two different sets of onesies – both for little girls (one is on her way and one was just born last week.)  on special request, i tried to stay away from using all ‘girly’ colors and that made me print new designs.  my usual prints for little girl onesies include hearts, trees, butterflies and some small, delicate flowers.  but, i decided to go with some larger flower prints and a special “k” onesie for baby kendly.  the peony and zinnia are the same stencils that i made for a series of flower prints that include a vase with the ‘definition’ of the flower. 

a little extra detail to each print gives them the delicate touch and make them a little more special. oh, and nice ‘crafthouse’ packaging adds some refinement.

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