fine art.

bethany has a knack for fine art. and i’m jealous. i see the world in geometric shapes and blocks of color, but bethany feels color, dreams in layers, and envisions texture ::: or at least that’s my take on it.

Here are some of her latest projects. usually a project will start and stay setup in a corner of her apartment for months on end. it’s a game to see if you can figure out what new addition has taken place each time you see it. and she’ll continue to work on it and tweak it until she declares that it is finished.

these projects are more about what bethany was feeling during the extended time during their creation than the final outcome.  it’s about the process, time, energy, attention, and love that each piece receives. they tell a story.

the bird creation found a new home when bethany gifted it to one of her best friends, who recently got married. the bubble still lives with bethany.

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